Chinese Lesson Testimonials

Mdm Chu

"We are incredibly pleased with Megan and the progress so far, more importantly our son Tuan Hung has really tuned into Megan and her teaching style on virtual tutoring sessions.

Tuan Hung is having great time attending her virtual tutoring lessons.We take this opportunity to thank Megan for her patience and dedication towards nurturing Tuan Hung on his mother tongue virtual lessons." - Tuan Hung's Mother

"Having learnt Chinese with teacher Megan for almost four years, my son, having no prior knowledge of the language, persevered through each lesson and completed the MOE Chinese curriculum from Primary 1 to Primary 5. I am really astonished by how hard-working they are in terms of teaching my son the Chinese language. After each lesson, Megan and I chatted about my son's study and progress during lessons like two good friends.

Teacher Megan is an experienced teacher and understands her students very well. At first, my son had face-to-face lessons with her, she gave extra attention and care to my son's study because she saw that my son was one of the most diligent international students she had ever taught. After lessons, sometimes, her husband made my son a quick meal and had a chat with him. Even if my son could not finish it, she would gladly pack the food up and made my son bring the food back. This made me feel that Megan is very thoughtful and enthusiastic in terms of treating her students.

After a while, we moved house, not near her house anymore. then my son could not arrange his schedule to travel to her house, I tried to persuade Megan to teach him via any online platform.

Luckily, she happily agreed so, not hesitating to learn new technologies to conduct lessons online. During the Covid-19 pandemic, online learning is a safe and viable alternative to ensure the health of students and teachers alike. Megan and my son get used to this method so they did not have any difficulties during lessons. I hope that my son can continue learning Chinese with teacher Megan for a long time." - Sam's Mother

"Coming from a non-Chinese speaking family, our children have very little foundation in Chinese.

During the one year tuition with Mdm Chu they have improved so much in their comprehension, oral and writing. One of our children has gone up from the last class of the mother tongue class in school to the next highest class, within a year. The fact that she is conducting her class in full Chinese, that helped my children to get more exposure to Chinese language. She also helped them in their exam preparation. We are really satisfied with their improvement so far. We would recommend Mdm Chu as a good Chinese tutor. Thank you." - Zhi An and Zheng An's Mother

"Madam Chu started teaching my second son Chinese from P5. Although my son has multiple challenges in learning the Chinese language, Madam Chu was most patient and encouraging.

Under her guidance, my son not only made improvements in his Chinese grades but also pick up a lot more confidence in Chinese. Madam Chu has also given us a lot of useful advice on handling PSLE Chinese. 

We highly recommend her as she is a very dedicated and caring teacher. As testimony to that, now my other sons in Sec 2 and P2 are also being tutored by her. " - Karen Ong, Mother of 3 

"老师 was truly one of the best Chinese tuition teachers ever. I have been taught by many Chinese tuition teachers before and so far, I can easily say that she is the best one.  

When I first joined her in sec 3, my Chinese was absolutely horrible. I had forgotten all of the Chinese vocab I learned in lower sec and only knew basic Chinese. I found it hard to speak and articulate my thoughts in Chinese because of my weak foundation.

However, 老师 was like my saving grace. She managed to quickly identify where my weak points were and focused on helping me improve. Me being very weak in Chinese, I was very shy and embarrassed to speak in Chinese. However, her patience, kindness, and motivation allowed me to speak more confidently and believe that I can improve in Chinese.

Initially, my Chinese grades were always around the D and E range. Whenever I got a C, I would jump for joy because I can only achieve such a grade once in a blue moon. I have never reached higher than a C. However, under 老师 guidance, I did the impossible and scored a B for O levels. Even though to many people a B is not a good score, but to me it was astounding because I never believed that I could do it. I am very sure that if my grades managed to jump from an E to a B, I am confident that for other students, getting an A for Chinese is easily attainable with her teaching.

老师 is just an overall great teacher. She is the teacher every hard-working student would look for. She is a teacher who is friendly and patient yet serious and firm enough to push you to want to do better and improve." - 冼杰荣, Secondary 4 (St Patrick's School)