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Dear Parent,

Just being book-smart isn't going to cut it anymore for your child.

More and more, students around the world are being differentiated by more than just their grades...


Top schools and universities are looking for students with abilities in other areas.


In other words, they're looking for superstars.


Imagine if your child had not only stellar grades...


But also a possessed an admirable level of musical achievement.


Besides being a trump card for selections and interviews...


Having a strong musical ability also improves right-brain agility and creativity.


Are you ready to give your child the winning edge?

What others are saying...

“I enjoy Ms. Soh’s engaging piano lessons. She’s good at explaining even the most complex concepts and techniques in the simplest way possible using terms that are easily understood for young learners like me. With her guidance, I was able to correct quite a few hard to change mistakes within a month and a half just before my Grade 5 exam, helping me maximise my score. I would certainly recommend her to everyone and anyone looking for a piano teacher.”

- Ong Wei Xin, Grade 5 Distinction

"Teacher Jacinda is very kind was how the kids described her. However,  for the exams, she was very strict and highlighted all the mistakes constantly and encouraged my son to do better and he got distinction! Thanks!"

- Ms Jaslyn, Parent of Sean (Grade 1 Distinction) and Gwen

"Piano lessons with Miss Jacinda is fun and fulfilling. She is encouraging and easy to get along with, she has helped me improved my playing a lot."

- Alyvia, Grade 3

"I enjoy learning and discovering new things in piano lessons such as learning new songs and scales. Theory classes are easy and understandable. Ms Jacinda always answers my questions!"

- Adisti, Grade 1

"My 10 year old son takes private piano lessons with Ms. Soh. My son progresses steadily and gains confidence from the encouragement from Ms. Soh. Her music material is systematic and though she’s young, she is experienced in teaching young kids. I feel that my son learns and gets lots of individual attention from her, which he might not have in other commercial piano school."

- Mae

About Ms Soh

Ms Soh started teaching ever since her secondary school days in Raffles Girls' School. She has gone on to graduate from Raffles Junior College, and is now now pursuing a degree in the National University of Singapore. Throughout her musical journey, she has won numerous awards, with more to come. 

Achievements in Piano Performance

Ms Soh has achieved Grade 8 in both the Piano Practical and Music Theory ABRSM exams, and is currently pursuing a diploma in piano performance.

  • Left: Organised by The Musique Loft, the 3rd Overseas Performers’ Festival (2019) is an international piano competition, judged by renowned musicians. Ms Soh participated in the Senior category and attained a Silver Award.

  • Right: Organised by The Musique Loft, the 1st Overseas Performers’ Festival (2017) is an international piano competition, judged by renowned musicians. Ms Soh participated in the Senior category and attained a Silver Award.

Piano Recital at Esplanade Library.  Presenting Bach’s Toccata in E Minor, BWV914.

Ms Soh was one of the select few CCA members in Strings Ensemble that attained an “Oustanding Performance” award in 2017.

Achievements in Bass Performance 

Apart from being an award-winning pianist, Ms Soh is a proficient bassist as well, achieving Grade 7 in the Bass Practical ABRSM exams.


Ms Soh performing at the Countdown to 2020 New Year’s Eve Concert with The Philharmonic Orchestra.

Ms Soh was invited as a guest performer to play the double bass at Raffles Institution Piano Ensemble’s annual concert, Reverie (2019).

What to expect from our trial lesson (worth up to $80):

  • Parents will have the choice of selecting from 30 minutes or 45 minutes trial lesson.

  • Lessons are conducted here*

  • Note: there is no upfront cost. Only when the student plans to continue piano lessons with Ms Soh, will this trial will be charged as their first lesson.

*On a case by case basis, I may teach at your house depending on your location.


Attention! This is NOT for everybody.

As demand for Ms Soh's lessons are higher than ever, she can only accept students who are 100% committed to learn piano. If that does not sound like your child, please do not book a trial lesson.

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