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Grade 5 Theory Online Lessons
(August 2023)

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Conducted by Jacinda Soh, The Stave Studio's "Grade 5 Theory Online Lessons" is the most effective and efficient way to study for the Grade 5 ABRSM Theory exam.

You will be able to study for the Grade 5 Theory exam in the comfort of your own home.


You will be able to go at a learning pace most suited to your schedule and comfortable for you.


You will also have the ability to pause, rewatch and playback videos. There will be no expiry date to your videos, and you get to keep them forever.

The entire course of lessons will be conducted in English*, and students will need to at least pass Grade 3 ABRSM or equivalent to understand the course materials.

*Jacinda is also fluent in Mandarin and will be able to provide translations during consultations if necessary.

Additional Features

UNLIMITED WhatsApp consultations (text-only) provided 

Up to 3 FREE Zoom Consultations sessions (40 minutes each)

I am interested and would like to score DISTINCTION for my Grade 5 Theory exam.

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